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Express Business Systems Infrastructure and Architecture

The foundation of Express Business Systems’ leveraged infrastructure and architecture is Google Cloud Technology. Our suppliers and partners manage millions of users and peak bandwidth exceeding 100,000 requests per second. System performance management is not an issue.

Our leveraged architecture is elastic, designed to immediately and redundantly scale up as demand increases and scale down as demand decreases. Number of users or transactional request volume will NOT substantially negatively impact software performance in the short term and will automatically load balance over a period of hours or days. Hence there are no long term performance impacts for any increase in loading or demand.

Google’s auto-scaling and elastic architecture allow Express Business Systems the perfect blend of ability to implement traditional and proven business logic layers with the advantage of modern infrastructure that will NOT slow down or negatively impact your business operations.

Data Security and Privacy

Express Business Systems will only access or use Customer Data to provide the service and operations to customers or as otherwise instructed by the customer and will not use it for any other product, client, services, or advertising. Express Business Systems and our operational partners have implemented and will maintain administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect Customer Data.

While we maintain rolling backups for a period of time, restoring deleted data will incur additional fees. You acknowledge that we reserve the right to remove or terminate accounts which have not paid a subscription fee, that remain inactive for longer than 1 year, or in cases where you have violated one or more terms of this Agreement.

Intellectual Property

Express Business Systems maintains all rights to and responsibility for the software unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing. Software includes all base components of our system and any custom development provided for the recipient, once again unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing.

Additional Reading

Google Cloud Architecture - https://cloud.google.com/architecture/framework

Google Scalable & Resilient App Architecture https://cloud.google.com/architecture/scalable-and-resilient-apps

Google Cloud ToS (Data, Confidentiality, Intellectual Property) - https://cloud.google.com/terms

NOTE: The Google Cloud ToS in the above link are legally binding Terms of Service for our tech partners, suppliers, and our business. Our terms of service are an extension of Google’s terms.

Our partner and supplier, Go High Level, manages the infrastructure. Please contact us directly with any further queries.

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